June 2002 Health Care News

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June, 2002
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According to Twila Brase and Conrad Meier, writing for the June 2002 issue of Health Care News, grassroots activism has made Minnesota and Missouri the latest states to backpedal from the controversial Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA). Page 1 stories in this issue cover President Bush's support for federally mandated mental health insurance parity; the key role the private individual health insurance market plays in allowing people to tailor their coverage to their needs and budgets; and the "million-year wait" experienced by Britons poorly served by the National Health Service. Also in this issue: Kennedy and Clinton team up on a new campaign for government-run health care; HMOs in Florida, Missouri, and Tennessee face challenges from the courts and financial hard times; and a federal judge in Oregon rebukes Attorney General John Ashcroft's efforts to assert federal government control over the state's assisted suicide law. (download PDF)

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