June 2004 Health Care News

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June, 2004
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The June issue of Health Care News features the fifth in the newspaper's series on how states have destroyed their health insurance markets. The June case study is of Washington State, which in 1993 adopted an individual health insurance reform experiment that included key elements of the Clinton nationalized health care plan. Since then, 23 of 30 individual insurance providers have left the Washington market, and the number of residents insured by taxpayer-funded Medicaid increased by nearly 70 percent.

The issue also address obesity, prescription drug importation, the difference between prices and costs (and why price controls are dangerous), the difference between value and cost, second-hand smoke, Canadian health care, and health savings accounts.

The "Consumer Choice Matters" column, written by Greg Scandlen of the Galen Institute, reports on growing interest in SimpleCare (fee-for-service) and an April hearing before the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, addressing "Consumer-Directed Doctoring."

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