June 2005 Health Care News

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June, 2005
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The June 2005 issue of Health Care News features prescription drug pricing in three articles addressing drug importation from Canada, private initiatives aimed at improving access to prescription drugs, and direct-to-consumer advertising.

On page 1 of the June issue:

  • the Centers for Disease Control dramatically lowered its estimates of weight-related mortality ... and the new numbers suggest it may be healthier to be slightly overweight than underweight;
  • the District of Columbia City Council passed on May 3 a measure that would make it an illegal trade practice to charge too much for prescription drugs;
  • how advocates of expanding government health care programs cite inflated numbers of people who lack health insurance coverage; and
  • the U.S. House of Representatives passes a measure requiring parental notification before their minor daughter can have an abortion.

Also in this issue: retiree health benefits, the Healthcare Tax Relief for the Uninsured Act and Health Care Choice Act, health savings accounts, Medicaid, and the fourth in Alice and Fred Ottoboni’s series on reducing the risk of nutritional diseases.

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