June 2008 InfoTech & Technology News

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June, 2008
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The June 2008 issue of Info Tech & Telecom News highlights news from wi-fi systems in Illinois, Colorado, and Florida ... on buses, in state parks, and at golf courses. On page 1:

  • The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation heard from FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and others during a hearing on network neutrality and "The Future of the Internet."
  • A lawsuit filed in a Gainesville, Florida U.S. District Court could determine whether university professors can claim exclusive rights to their lecture notes.
  • The Maryland legislature has opted to repeal the state's "tech tax," a levy on computer services.
  • The Longmont, Colorado City Council has approved the sale of the city's wireless network to Ohio-based DHB Networks.

Also in this issue: e-voting, Internet taxes, online safety, Google Street View, music downloading, e-waste recycling, Yahoo, TiVo vs. Dish, the spectrum auction, and more.

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