March 2002 Environment & Climate News

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March, 2002
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The March 2002 issue of Environment & Climate News features Page 1 coverage of a disturbing trend in the U.S. Forest Service: Lying. The issue also features special coverage of the War on the West—in reporter Bonner Cohen’s words, “a well-coordinated and unrelenting assault on the nation’s rural communities.” One highlight of the report is an exclusive interview with Brian Bishop, director of Rhode Island WiseUse and Rhode Island State Director for the Alliance for America.

The content-rich issue also covers: sustainable development; Missouri and Snake River decisions by the Army Corps of Engineers; Daschle versus South Dakota environmentalists; climate change; Enron and emissions trading; the Clean Air Act; attacks on The Skeptical Environmentalist; protecting the Everglades; a new weapon in the war against invasive foreign species; SUVs, hydrogen-cell autos, and junk science attacks on suburbia; and the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage site. (download pdf)

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