March 2003 Environment & Climate News

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March, 2003
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Page 1 of the March 2003 issue of Environment & Climate News offers hope that long-awaited reform of the nation’s asbestos litigation system will take place in 2003. Both Orrin Hatch, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Don Nickles, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, appear ready to take action against the $200 billion burden posed by asbestos litigation.

Also on Page 1, Managing Editor James M. Taylor offers an update on the Bush administration’s proposed New Source Review reforms, and Bonner Cohen describes the negative effect environmental regulations are having on the nation’s military readiness.

Elsewhere in this issue:

  • a report on GreenWatch, the Capital Research Center’s online watchdog over environmental group funding and ideology;
  • climate change, including reports on the recently introduced Lieberman-McCain measure for a greenhouse gas permit trading system and private actions to study and implement CO2 sequestration;
  • the politics of water, including EPA’s re-examination of the Clean Water Act, desalination in California, and disputes over water rights in Texas, Mexico, and California.
  • two book reviews: one of Fatal Harvest, which Heartland Science Director Jay Lehr calls “a beautifully illustrated communist manifesto,” and the other of Taken by Storm, which American Farm Bureau Federation economist Terry Francl highly recommends as “one of the most comprehensive and readable publications on the topic of global warming currently available”;
  • plus DDT; a commuter rail proposal in Madison, Wisconsin; commentary on New Source Review by Fred Singer and Ben Lieberman; and Zane Walley’s report on one miner’s battle against the U.S. Forest Service.

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