March 2004 Environment & Climate News

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March, 2004
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The March issue of Environment & Climate News offers several articles addressing endangered species issues. Rep. Richard Pombo (R-California), chairman of the House Resources Committee, has pledged he will mark the 30th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act by recommending changes to the act designed to encourage cooperation between citizen-landowners and the federal government.

ECN also covers two studies, in Nature and New Scientist magazine, that consider the potential effect of global warming on species, and we report on the ongoing battle between the federal government and Wyoming state officials over delisting of the gray wolf.

Heartland Science Director Jay Lehr reviews Gregg Easterbrook’s new book, The Progress Paradox--which Lehr calls “among the 10 most important books I have read in the past 20 years.”

Among other stories: the on-again, off-again ban on snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park; New Jersey’s adoption of California’s vehicle emissions standard; the impact of hog farming on water quality in North Carolina; a Supreme Court decision giving EPA clean air authority over states; a federal appeals court ruling requiring a 30 percent increase in energy efficiency for central air conditioners and heat pumps; California’s attempt to implement a 2002 law mandating reductions in greenhouse gas emissions; hype over mercury contamination in lakes; and a lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity against the Altamont Pass, California wind farm.

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