March 2004 Health Care News

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March, 2004
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In the second of an eight-part series, the March issue of Health Care News reports how Vermont has destroyed its health insurance market with guaranteed issue and community rating mandates. While former Governor Howard Dean considers his state a model for health care reform, the facts disagree. Reports HCN Managing Editor Conrad F. Meier: “The percentage of the state’s population that is uninsured has increased, not fallen, since the mandates were imposed; premium rates have increased; and more Vermonters than ever are having to settle for government-run Medicare in order to get insurance.”

Also in this issue:

  • Campaign 2004: the health care positions of President George W. Bush and five candidates for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination.
  • Medicare reform: the critical importance of Health Savings Accounts; plummeting premiums for Medicare HMOs.
  • Prescription drugs: the folly of liberals’ latest proposal for allowing the federal government to directly negotiate drug prices with private drug companies; evidence prescription drug buying clubs aren’t always cheaper.
  • In the states: what Minnesotans think of government-run health care; Colorado proposals for requiring evidence-based medicine; and ballot status for a referendum that would repeal California’s play or pay mandate.
  • Plus: $30 million for high-risk pools; what’s behind America’s obesity epidemic; and how patients suffer when bureaucrats take aim at doctors.

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