March 2004 School Reform News

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March, 2004
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The March issue of School Reform News reports the passage of a school voucher program for 1,700 of Washington, DC’s neediest schoolchildren--plus a leading Democrat’s voucher proposal for New Mexico and Vermont Governor James Douglas’s push for public school choice. Offsetting that good news, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle vetoed a series of bills that would have allowed continued growth in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.

The issue’s featured interview is with J.E. Stone, a professor of educational psychology at East Tennessee State University and founder of the Education Consumers’ ClearingHouse. Stone supports school choice as a way to shift “the balance of power” away from providers and toward consumers. “[M]arket competition is the only practical way to restrain [the] overwhelming ability [of public schools, teacher training institutions, and stakeholder groups like the National Education Association] to pursue their self-interests,” Stone notes.

This issue also reprints a homeschooled students’ winning essay in a Bill of Rights Day contest and reports on safety issues that plague public schools, special education, the cost of higher education, public school construction, the No Child Left Behind Act, and the war on excellence in middle school classrooms.

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