March 2005 Budget & Tax News

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March, 2005
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The March 2005 issue of Budget & Tax News opens with coverage of President George W. Bush's State of the Union address, during which he called for sweeping changes to Social Security. A Cato Institute/Zogby poll conducted before the president's address showed majority support for a key element of the president's plan: private retirement accounts.

Also on page 1:

  • Virginia aims to protect its businesses from schemes that would require them to collect sales or use taxes for another state;
  • the Kansas Supreme Court has ruled the state spends too little on education ... but didn't say how much would be enough or where the money should come from;
  • a new study shows Texas's budget crisis could have been prevented had the state adopted a Taxpayer's Bill of Rights in the 1990s.

Also in this issue: Congressional pensions, New York City cigarette taxes and fines, a tax hike for Indiana, expensive new rules for Illinois construction projects, state tax incentive programs, private prisons, telecom taxes, GOP tax policy, outsourcing, toll road privatization, and more.

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