March 2008 School Reform News

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March, 2008
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The March 2008 issue of School Reform News highlights a May 12 rally that brought more than 1,100 students, parents, and educators to the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison in support of the state's virtual schools. On page 1:

  • The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard a three-year-old challenge to Arizona's individual tax credit scholarship program in late January.
  • An initiative propelled by school leaders is gaining traction with state lawmakers in Colorado, creating the prospect of greater administrative freedom in the state's schools.
  • After three years, the primary concern of parents in the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program has changed from basic school safety to academic outcomes.
  • New Jersey is changing the state formula for dispersing education funds, news heralded by advocates of education reform, and increased annual school funding by more than a half-billion dollars.

Also in this issue: No Child Left Behind, redistricting in Maine, school spending in New Mexico, charter schools in Michigan and Philadelphia, civil rights icon Rev. H.K. Matthews' support for school choice, reform in Missouri, special-needs scholarships in Ohio, teachers, NEA grant-making, and the Bush State of the Union address.

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