May 2002 School Reform News

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May, 2002
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The May 2002 issue of School Reform News is the first to feature The Friedman Report, a monthly review of school choice efforts taking place around the country. Also in the May issue:

  • Managing Editor George A. Clowes interviews education psychologist and researcher Barak Rosenshine, who describes his research on the characteristics of an effective teacher.

  • Research on effective teaching also sheds light on the debate over class-size reduction. Clowes reviews recent studies that conclude class-size reduction is an expensive reform that may be avoidable if teachers could be taught to more effectively manage their classrooms.

  • Robert Holland addresses new methods of teaching mathematics that appear to have produced students who understand what they’re supposed to be doing ... but can’t do it.

  • This issue’s “Just the Facts” feature offers resources on teacher certification.

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