May 2003 Health Care News

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May, 2003
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The May 2003 issue of Health Care News features an analysis by Nina Owcharenko and Robert E. Moffit of the Bush health care plan and how it helps address the problem of the uninsured. The Heritage Foundation policy analysts also offer suggestions for improving the plan.

Page 1 addresses Congress’s apparent unwillingness to take up malpractice reform; the FDA’s crackdown on prescription drug reimportation; defeat of a federal compensation program for health care workers harmed by the smallpox vaccine; and Europe’s move toward competition and choice in health care.

Managing Editor Conrad F. Meier and Dr. Sydney Smith, publisher of MedPundit, take up the pros and cons of the smallpox vaccine. Meier reports the heart problems recently experienced by vaccine recipients, and Smith warns that without vaccinating health care workers, the U.S. might have another SARS on its hands. “[SARS] has been difficult to control in Hong Kong,” he notes, “because so many health care workers have been infected. Shortly after the outbreak started there, emergency rooms and hospital wards were full of doctors and nurses ... as patients.”

The issue also features Meier’s report from the 13th Annual Capitol Conference of the National Association of Health Underwriters; Sally Pipes’ assessment of the costly, counterproductive, and dangerous “Health Care for All Californians Act”; Chris Middleton’s discussion of the importance of free-market health care reforms. plus Greg Scandlen’s column on consumer-driven health care; a state update (report activity in your state to Managing Editor Meier at; the Galen Report; and Meier’s “MyTurn” commentary on “lying with statistics” about the uninsured.

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