May 2004 Environment & Climate News

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May, 2004
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The May issue of Environment & Climate News features PERC Senior Associate Jane Shaw’s report on how suburban development benefits wildlife. “The claim that urban sprawl is wiping out wildlife is simply poppycock,” writes Shaw. The issue also covers three new reports:

  • the states’ role in endangered species management, issued by the Center for Best Practices of the National Governors Association;
  • the impact of “smart growth” development restrictions on the economy of Nevada; and
  • the Public Interest Research Group’s “latest effort by anti-automobile activists to torture the data until it gives the desired confession,” in the words of American Enterprise Institute scholar Joel Schwartz.

Also in this issue: a lawsuit aimed at stopping oil production in the National Petroleum Reserve; climate change and the Kyoto Protocol; the energy bill; asbestos litigation; election-year attacks on the Bush administration’s environmental record; hog farming restrictions debated in Iowa; and champions of private property.

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