May 2004 Health Care News

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May, 2004
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The May issue of Health Care News highlights an insurance reform measure Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher poised on April 2. Since 1994, Kentucky’s insurance market has been “reformed” half-a-dozen times, most often with disastrous (though surely unintended!) results. Managing Editor Conrad F. Meier believes the current effort might be different. “Consumers, policy wonks, and insurance industry analysts will be watching closely. Kentucky appears to be on its way back from the abyss,” he notes.

This issue also reports on the failure of Canadian pharmacies to pass inspections by Minnesota state officials; offers a status report on health care legislation pending in Congress; reports the launching this summer of Maine’s Dirigo Health experiment in socialized medicine; and exposes a little-known provision in last year’s Medicare reform measure that establishes a task force reminiscent of the health care working group headed by former First Lady Hillary Clinton. The slow collapse of Canada’s health care system and the value of arbitration as an alternative to lawsuits are also discussed.

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