May 2005 Environment & Climate News

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May, 2005
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The May 2005 issue of Environment & Climate News exposes how the establishment media repeat without challenge the junk science offered up by radical environmental groups. Himalayan glaciers, Kilimanjaro's snow cap, and maple syrup production in the U.S. are highlighted. A companion article describes how the leftward tilt of major donors to environmental groups is skewing climate change research.

Page 1 reports on the House-approved energy bill; EPA's cap-and-trade mercury rule; state reactions to EPA's air quality designations; and Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe's recent floor speech recommending Michael Crichton's State of Fear.

This issue also addresses Minnesota's rejection of anti-atrazine bills, California's consideration of tougher ozone standards, Resources for the Future, ecoterrorism, nuclear power, wind energy, ethanol, and a new United Nations report supporting property rights as a way to improve ecosystem sustainability.

Heartland Science Director Jay Lehr reviews Green Spirit: Trees Are the Answer, by Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore. "Green Spirit is a truly amazing book," Lehr writes. "It reads like poetry from one who loves the woods and all they hold."

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