May 2005 Health Care News

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May, 2005
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The May 2005 issue of Health Care News features articles on the impact of mandates on health insurance costs, "renting" versus owning insurance, and a classic essay from 1993: Heartland President Joseph Bast's "What Hunger Insurance Could Teach Us about Health Insurance."

Page 1 of the May issue reports:

  • consumers will be hurt if Congress extends the 2003 moratorium on specialty hospitals;
  • efforts are underway in Vermont to adopt a government-run single-payer health care program;
  • physicians are cautiously optimistic about the positive effect tort reform has had in Ohio, Texas, and West Virginia; and
  • federal government officials overstated the health dangers of obesity, attracting investigations by the Wall Street Journal, Government Accountability Office, and Center for Consumer Freedom.

Also in this issue: prescription drug importation, stem cell research, long-term care, nutritional diseases, Medicaid, and consumer-driven health care.

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