May 2005 School Reform News

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May, 2005
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The May 2005 issue of School Reform News highlights school choice efforts nationwide, including a new school voucher program for special-needs students in Utah and a federal court's approval of Arizona's tax credit program. The Friedman Report covers choice measures advancing in Missouri, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and other states.

Also in this issue:

  • Diane Ravitch, research professor of education at New York University, explains why high schools shouldn't be held accountable for the failures of K-8 education;
  • Myron Lieberman, chairman of the Educational Policy Institute, asks if U.S. educators and policymakers really mean it when they tout "world-class standards";
  • the National Conference of State Legislatures challenges the constitutionality of No Child Left Behind;
  • a new index rates Minnesota schools for efficiency and effectiveness;
  • a new online database gives Arizona parents and taxpayers access to important information about school spending;
  • Utah passes a law protecting homeschoolers, while a new study shows Nevada home- and private schools save public school districts millions of dollars;
  • the charter school movement celebrates its 13th anniversary, while the Alliance for School Choice celebrates its first;
  • plus vocational education, distance education, district consolidation, teacher certification, and more.

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