May 2008 Environment & Climate News

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May, 2008
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The May 2008 issue of Environment & Climate News exposes the efforts of California middle-school teacher Michael Steria to brainwash his sixth-grade students with unfounded global warming alarmism. On page 1 of this issue:

  • The 2008 International Conference on Climate Change, hosted by The Heartland Institute and more than 50 cosponsors, brought together more than 500 attendees and 100 expert speakers presenting the message that global warming is not a crisis.
  • Both houses of the Utah state legislature have registered their opposition to proposals to have the federal government lock away more than 9 million acres of public lands in Utah.
  • Shoppers the world over can breathe a collective sigh of relief now that leading scientists are stepping forward to defend the widespread use of plastic bags.
  • The City of Seattle has announced a new program requiring residents to increase recycling of food scraps, plastics, and other materials.

Also in this issue: carbon taxes, pest control, nuclear power, the Clean Water Act, Grand Canyon flooding, and more.

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