May 2008 Health Care News

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May, 2008
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The May 2008 issue of Health Care News reports on efforts in San Francisco and by the Democratic presidential candidates to require individuals to carry health insurance. On page 1 of this issue:

  • To get a health insurance reform passed by his state legislature, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richard was forced to compromise on his desire for an individual insurance mandate.
  • A coalition of Massachusetts community organizations, nonprofits, insurers, and health care providers is asking the state government to regulate the marketing practices of pharmaceutical companies.
  • Legislation that would radically alter Washington's health care system is currently being debated in the state Senate.
  • Customers have been asking financial institutions for Health Savings Accounts, and banks and credit unions are beginning to respond.

Also in this issue: online physician evaluation, health savings accounts, the failure of government health care reform, a new excerpt from the Handbook on State Health Care Reform, and more.

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