May 2008 InfoTech & Technology News

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May, 2008
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The May 2008 issue of Infotech & Telecom News offers several articles on the subject of network neutrality and how Internet Service Providers are voluntarily adopting technologies that make legislation on the matter increasingly unnecessary.

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  • With plans for citywide wireless Internet systems crumbling around the nation, Gahanna, Ohio is on schedule to become the first city in the state to begin work on such a system.
  • A federal appeals court has upheld a permanent injunction against a Minnesota law intended to discourage children from buying or renting violent video games.
  • The Texas Legislature's Committee on Economic Development will conduct a review of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund.
  • Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates is recommending a series of government policy changes he hopes will improve the availability of skilled technology labor in the U.S.

Also in this issue: satellite radio, municipal broadband, Internet and wireless taxes, pretexting, mobile computing, discrimination liability, Bain-Huawei-3Com, Web access restrictions in China, forbearance, and MP3s.

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