November 2005 Environment & Climate News

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November, 2005
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The November 2005 issue of Environment & Climate News carries several articles that further weaken the alarmists' case for global warming. Among the stories: Russian permafrost is not melting, as alarmists have claimed, and recent hurricanes expose more media bias than evidence of global warming.

On page 1:

  • Residents of California's Sonoma County will decide November 8 whether to prevent farmers in the county from using biotechnology to improve crops;
  • British Prime Minister Tony Blair is changing his approach to global warming, preferring science and technology over international agreements like the Kyoto Protocol;
  • The U.S. Senate voted on September 13 to reject a challenge to the Bush administration's new mercury rules; and
  • A massive levee system--approved by President Lyndon Johnson and the Army Corps of Engineers but opposed by environmentalists--would have saved the city of New Orleans, scientists and engineers have concluded.

Also in this issue: Chernobyl, Endangered Species Act reform, mercury, light truck CAFE standards, EPA databases, malaria, Third-World poverty, and more. Heartland Science Director Jay Lehr reviews a new Cato Institute book, Water for Sale.

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