November 2007 Budget & Tax News

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November, 2007
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The November 2007 issue of Budget & Tax News reports from Virginia and Washington State, where taxpayers have rejected tax increases. On page 1:

  • The political heat wave over Virginia's new "abusive driver" fees and transportation taxes shows little sign of abating.
  • Washington State voters repealed a property tax hike imposed earlier this year to fund Port of Vancouver operations.
  • One of the world's largest charities has rejected millions of dollars of U.S. government financing because of its objections to U.S. farm policies.
  • Crestwood, Illinois Mayor Chester Stranczek and his trustees have engineered such an efficient village government that they literally can pass out money to ease the property tax burden.

Also in this issue: mystery earmarks, corporate tax reform, unions, passenger rail, casinos, defined contribution pension plans, prevailing wage laws, financing infrastructure, tobacco taxes, and more.

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