October 2001 School Reform News

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October, 2001
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The lead story in the October 2001 issue of School Reform News reports that the Washington Education Association has been found guilty of intentionally breaking the law in spending non-member dues for political purposes. It's a story we've been covering since April 1997! Also on Page 1: the release of the 2000 math scores from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and the results of a survey showing 850,000 children--1.7 percent of school-age children--are homeschooled. The issue also covers the Bush education bill, voucher proposals nationwide, the relationship between teacher experience and student achievement, charter schools, a testing scandal in Maryland, how schools "manage" parents through public relations campaigns, and privatization in education. Plano, Texas parent Susan Sarhady is the issue's guest interview. (download pdf)

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