October 2003 Environment & Climate News

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October, 2003
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The October 2003 issue of Environment & Climate News features extensive coverage of energy issues, including a refreshingly optimistic story by Robert Bradley of the Houston-based Institute for Energy Research. Bradley notes, “The intellectual momentum has shifted to the optimists who see environmental progress as the norm and who believe that the market’s improvement process will effectively solve new problems along the way.”

David Deming of the National Center for Policy Analysis echoes Bradley’s optimism in “Abundant Reserves Show Petroleum Age Is Just Beginning.” Other energy-related articles in this issue cover the Northeast electricity blackout and efforts by Ohio and Pennsylvania to restrict oil and natural gas recovery.

Climate change also gets priority treatment, with articles addressing the impact of the Senate energy bill on climate change policy; a Senate hearing into twentieth century warming--and excerpts from Senator James Inhofe’s floor statement during that hearing; a new Energy Department report on the likely cost of McCain-Lieberman; and climate change lessons that might be learned from ozone depletion policy.

The October issue also reports Utah Governor Mike Leavitt’s nomination to head the Environmental Protection Agency; Maine’s new law requiring the development of a long-term plan for cutting state CO2 emissions; public health officials’ desire to launch widespread pesticide spraying to control West Nile virus; and a look at the successes of rail transit in Japan--and why those successes aren’t easily replicated in the U.S.

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