October 2003 Health Care News

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October, 2003
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The October 2003 issue of Health Care News reports on state-specific health care happenings in several states: malpractice reform in Florida, lawmakers’ debate over universal health in Illinois, the single-payer plan recently adopted in Maine, and Colorado’s authorization of association health plans and “mandate-lite” insurance policies.

Federal-level issues also get extensive coverage, including a new GAO study on federal agencies’ weak protections for privacy; another recycled single-payer proposal issued by Physicians for a National Health Program; Connecticut Senator/Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman’s proposed new health insurance programs; Senator Rick Santorum’s introduction of a health insurance tax credit measure; the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ latest attack (also recycled) on MSAs, HSAs, and HSSAs; and a centerspread feature on Medicare reform.

On the international front, this issue discusses the administrative costs of health care in Canada versus the U.S. and reports on a recent survey by the Canadian Medical Association, which finds “an alarming number of Canadian doctors are so exhausted, cynical, and stressed out that they are suffering from advanced stages of burnout.”

A review by Heartland Science Director Jay Lehr of The Modern Nutritional Diseases: Heart Disease, Stroke, Type-2 Diabetes, Obesity, and Cancer, The Galen Report, and Greg Scandlen’s Consumer Choice Matters column round out this issue.

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