October 2003 School Reform News

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October, 2003
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The October 2003 issue of School Reform News documents the importance of school choice:

  • Parents want it. According to a new Gallup poll conducted for Phi Delta Kappa International, only 35 percent of Americans would send their children to public schools if they were offered a full-tuition voucher for a religious or secular private school. Even if the voucher covered only half the tuition, 51 percent of Americans would prefer a private school for their children.
  • Children need it. A new report issued by an influential Chicago business group documents the dismal failure of the city’s public schools. Another story documents the inability of a Louisiana high school’s valedictorian to pass the state’s graduation exam. And this month’s “Just the Facts” feature presents an extensive table providing ACT, SAT, and NAEP test score data.
  • Public schools benefit from it. A new report from the Manhattan Institute, reported on page 1, documents that voucher programs have a positive effect on public schools: the more competition, the better.
  • Congress already gets it. Congress practices one thing and preaches another, reports Krista Kafer of The Heritage Foundation. Forty-two percent of members of Congress--compared with just 10 percent of the general population--send or have sent at least one child to a private school.

Also in this issue: how Boston’s MATCH charter school proves poverty isn’t destiny; where things stand for DC vouchers; the Washington Education Association wins a court battle--and non-union teachers lose; the status of privatization in Philadelphia; stonewalling No Child Left Behind; an interview with Manhattan Institute scholar Abigail Thernstrom; the irrelevancy of teacher training to teacher hiring; and the Friedman Report profile and school choice roundup.

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