October 2004 Health Care News

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October, 2004
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The October issue of Health Care News features the final installment in our series documenting how eight states have destroyed their individual health insurance markets with community rating and guaranteed issue mandates. This issue points the spotlight on Maine, where policymakers continue to reject consumer-driven measures and instead see government intervention as the way to repair a system crippled by a decade's worth of past government intervention.

A related article reports the release of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) study that reviews the experience of eight "comprehensive reform" states--the same eight states our series addressed. RWJF reached conclusions dramatically different than ours, ignoring clear evidence to conclude "individual insurance became more widely available" in those states.

Also in this issue, we launch a three-part series on physician- and investor-owned surgical facilities known popularly as "specialty hospitals." This issue also covers: prescription drug importation in Illinois; uninsured children; an analysis of Kerry and Bush health care proposals; soda, obesity, and diabetes; and new data on the individual insurance market.

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