October 2005 Budget & Tax News

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October, 2005
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The October 2005 issue of Budget & Tax News offers wide-ranging coverage of public employee pensions, pork in the federal budget, and the steady growth of privatization in states across the country. On page 1:

  • As the costs of recovery from Hurricane Katrina mount, so do calls for cuts in other discretionary spending by the federal government;
  • Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich apparently was implicated in a massive fraud, extortion, and kickback scheme involving the government employee pension system;
  • Real estate prices have soared in Palm Beach County, Florida, leading taxpayer advocates to think the time might be right for a Taxpayers' Bill of Rights; and
  • More than $210 billion in foreign profits have come back into the U.S. since the Invest in USA provision of the American Jobs Creation Act was signed into law.

Also in this issue: cigarette taxes, a constitutional challenge to the tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, misuse of Illinois' tort tax, key initiatives on California's November ballot, the Native Hawaiian Reorganization Act, alcohol taxes, restrictive covenants, and more.

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