October 2006 Health Care News

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October, 2006
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The October 2006 issue of Health Care News highlights good and bad proposals for improving access to health insurance, including deregulation the health insurance market, imposing universal health mandates, and passing anti-Wal-Mart laws.

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  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has lifted its ban on Medicare payments to physician-owned specialty hospitals.
  • A provision establishing federal requirements for hospitals to publicly report prices was stripped from the Health Information Technology Promotion Act of 2006.
  • Insurance carriers in Minnesota are posting price information online to help members become savvier health care consumers.
  • Chicago's proposed ban on the use of trans fats by restaurants has irked restaurant owners and Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Also in this issue: HPV vaccine, the uninsured, medical tourism, electronic prescriptions, health savings accounts, Illinois' Adequate Health Care Task Force, and more.

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