September 2003 Environment & Climate News

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September, 2003
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The September 2003 issue of Environment & Climate News features Colorado Governor Bill Owens’ account of the state’s approach to endangered species. “We can either attempt to recover these species ourselves and get them off the [endangered species] list,” Owens explains, “or we can continue to endure an intrusive regulatory regime that hurts the economy and does little to help endangered fish, birds, and mammals.”

The issue also covers:

  • approval by a key Senate committee of President George W. Bush’s Healthy Forests initiative. A vote by the full Senate is expected in September.
  • Senate approval of a Democrat-written energy bill. Republicans are betting they can hammer out a measure more to their liking in the GOP-controlled House-Senate conference committee.
  • the Bush administration’s new climate research initiative. The 10-year plan is aimed at improving scientists’ understanding of how, and to what extent, human activity may be affecting the Earth’s climate.
  • a July 14 federal court decision to open roads in National Forests. The 100-page ruling rejects the “roadless rule” adopted in the final hours of the Clinton administration’s reign. Another federal judge found Clinton EPA officials in contempt of court for destroying records relating to last-minute rulemaking.

This issue also covers air quality in the U.S., a District Court decision that reopens the prospect of removing dams on the Snake River, the false promise of hydrogen-fueled cars, the European Union’s campaign against biotech, climate change junk science in Science, and the future of the Bush administration’s Clear Skies initiative.

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