September 2003 School Reform News

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September, 2003
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The September 2003 issue of School Reform News features the coming showdown in Congress over a proposal to offer vouchers in the District of Columbia. The measure is expected to be taken up in September as part of the Senate Appropriations Committee’s DC spending bill.

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  • Even after last year’s landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of school vouchers, the programs currently in place are available to few students and are burdened by tight restrictions.
  • The House of Representatives’ July reauthorization of Head Start has generated opposition, though it increases the program’s funding and calls for only modest reforms.
  • Results of the 2002 National Assessment of Educational Progress brought good news from the fourth grade, but disturbing performance from high school seniors.

Managing Editor George A. Clowes offers a two-page guide to more than 60 interviews he has conducted with school reform leaders since School Reform News was launched in 1996. The interviews are organized by topic with Web links to each interview.

Also in this issue: State Senator John Andrews’ explanation for how vouchers won in Colorado; nonpublic schools and the courts; Clowes’ report from the Education Industry Association’s annual conference; challenges ahead for K-12 education and its use of technology; the ongoing debate over teacher preparation and licensing; the growth of voucher programs in Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Florida; a report on America’s $750+ billion education industry; the Friedman Report profile and school choice roundup; and more.

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