September 2004 Budget & Tax News

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September, 2004
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The September issue of Budget & Tax News features a Tax Foundation report on the spread of "jock taxes," which 20 states and half-a-dozen cities have adopted in order to extend their income taxes to residents of other states. And it's not just multi-million-dollar athletes who suffer; according to the report, "If jock taxes continue to be applied this aggressively, ... [e]ventually, a traveling executive would have to pay tax in every state that he visits during the year."

Sandra Fabry of Americans for Tax Reform interviews Daniel Clifton, executive director of the American Shareholders Association. Clifton urges President George W. Bush to throw his support behind proposals for Lifetime and Retirement Savings Accounts, noting, "If Bush comes out strongly for [LSAs and RSAs] in his convention address and wins, you can bet this will be the 2005 Bush tax cut. He cuts taxes once a year. This will be it ..."

The issue also covers the defeat of tax-hiking Republicans in Kansas' August 3 primary, a job-destroying sales tax increase proposal on Washington's November ballot, the WTO international trade negotiations, presidential candidate John Kerry's fiscal agenda, the federal highway bill, privatization, Wisconsin's TABOR proposal, Florida's sales tax holiday, cigarette taxes in Virginia, and reports from California, Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, and New York.

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