September 2004 Environment & Climate News

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September, 2004
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The September issue of Environment & Climate News excerpts remarks made by Andre Illarionov, Russian President Vladimir Putin's top economic advisor, at the July 8 conclusion of an international conference on climate change held in Moscow. Illarionov sees Kyoto as based on the "man-hating totalitarian ideology with which we had the bad fortune to deal during the 20th century."

Page 1 stories report:

  • the Bush administration's July 12 announcement that national forests are no longer off-limits to new road construction. Bush is giving state governors more authority over federal lands in their states.
  • how states are taking advantage of higher oil prices by encouraging natural resource production on their lands.
  • the rejection by citizens in Utah and elsewhere of proposals to have the federal government buy up more privately owned land.
  • an agreement among federal and state officials that will allow a gold mine project in the Tongass National Forest to move ahead.

Also in this issue: fuel cells, hybrid vehicles, and "smart oil change" technology; windmills in West Virginia; invasive carp in Illinois; global warming; progress in toxics release and air pollution; EPA's proposed mercury rule; a California land acquisition group is accused of misusing tax dollars, while an Oregon anti-growth group folds; and a review of Tibor Machan's Putting Humans First.

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