September 2004 Health Care News

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September, 2004
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The September issue of Health Care News features the seventh in our eight-state series of case studies, this one addressing New Hampshire--where elected officials have repealed community rating and guaranteed issue mandates adopted in 1994. Industry observers disagree as to whether the deregulation has brought insurer competition back to the state.

On page 1, the issue reports on corruption allegations in Illinois hospital construction, the popularity of health savings accounts, the federal government's decision that obesity should be treated as a disease for Medicare purposes, and the limited role patents play in slowing distribution of AIDS drugs in Africa.

This issue also covers: veterans' health care; the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on a patient's right to sue managed care plans in state courts; tort reform in Illinois; the Kerry-Edwards health care plan; the precautionary principle; protecting prescription drug patents in a free trade agreement between the U.S. and Australia; and association health plans. A review of Jacob Sullum's For Your Own Good and commentary by Dr. Robert Cihak on Canadian health care round out the issue.

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