September 2006 School Reform News

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September, 2006
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The September 2006 back-to-school issue of School Reform News features on page 1 school choice from Arizona to Washington, DC:

  • Federal legislators and U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings support a $100 million national voucher program for children in failing schools nationwide.
  • Ohio's statewide EdChoice Program enrolled thousands of students in private schools for the fall semester.
  • Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and state legislators finalized a budget that includes state money for scholarships for disabled and foster-care children and expands the corporate tuition tax credit.
  • Starting this fall, formal accreditation of schools participate in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program will no longer be voluntary.

Also in this issue: U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez's PASS Act, lawsuits filed in New Jersey and Colorado, Texas toughens its graduation requirements, state legislators draft model school choice bills, today's classrooms shortchange world history, Teach for America, high schoolers choosing majors and coursework, franchising for-profit schools, and more. Mike Scott reviews Generational Change: Closing the Test Score Gap, edited by Paul E. Peterson.

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