September 2007 Environment & Climate News

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September, 2007
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The September 2007 issue of Environment & Climate News exposes the how environmental activists are more dangerous than helpful to the poor. On page 1:

  • Frustrated by obstructionism in the California Assembly, Assemblyman Chuck DeVore is taking the issue of nuclear power directly to the people.
  • Legislation designed to extend the national government's power over isolated local bodies of water is being pushed by environmental activist groups.
  • A new study reported in the July 8 issue of Science magazine shows crops genetically modified to resist insects and other pests are having a beneficial effect on the environment.
  • Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley was slammed on Capitol Hill on June 20 for being all talk and no action regarding greenhouse gas emissions.

Also in this issue: climate change, ozone, CAFE, carbon cap-and-trade, endangered species, forests, solar power, and the unintended consequences of heavy-handed regulation.

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