September 2008 Budget & Tax News

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September, 2008
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The September 2008 issue of Budget & Tax News highlights research by the Institute for Truth in Accounting aimed at improving the transparency ... and accuracy ... of state budget processes.

On page 1:

  • After spending $213, million, the City of Chicago has decided to suspend indefinitely construction of an underground "superstation" for express train service to and from the city's major airports and downtown.
  • Floridians might have the option this November to vote to cut property taxes by raising other taxes.
  • Hundreds of citizens of Pittsburgh and surrounding Allegheny County have launched a campaign to place on the November ballot a referendum to remove a 10 percent tax on alcoholic drinks.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a California law that hampered employers' ability to speak out about union organizing efforts in the workplace.

Also in this issue: unions, New York's Internet sales tax, car rental taxes, phone taxes, Wisconsin dams, the "optimal" size of government, Chicago's bottled water tax, the farm bill, and more.

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