September 2008 Health Care News

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September, 2008
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The September 2008 issue of Health Care News compares the health care plans being offered by presumptive presidential candidates Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain. On page 1:

  • New taxes to support Dirigo Care, the Maine state government's attempt at providing "universal" health care, have so angered Maine residents that a coalition dedicated to repealing the tax increases was able to collect nearly twice as many signatures as required to put a repeal referendum on the state's ballot this November.
  • The number of Texas physicians willing to take on Medicare patients is declining. Only 58 percent are currently taking new Medicare cases.
  • The newly launched South Carolina Health Information Exchange has made 800,000 medical histories of Medicaid enrollees available to physicians, clinics, and hospitals.
  • The Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council was almost entirely done away with at the beginning of July when Gov. Ed Rendell laid off 38 members of the 44-person board.

Also in this issue: Medicare price controls, retirement planning, medical home systems, consumer-driven reforms under attack in Georgia and Florida, mandated insurance benefits, cancer research, drug prices in Canada, workers' compensation reform, and more.

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