September 2011 - FIRE Policy News

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September, 2011
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The September issue of FIRE Policy News reports on the Federal Reserve’s debit card fee limit, scheduled to go into effect October 1. Retailers are expected to benefit the most from the limit; it remains to be seen whether their savings will be passed along to consumers.

Also in this issue:

  • While members of Congress and President Barack Obama were engaged in the debt ceiling debate, credit ratings agency Moody’s suggested doing away with the ceiling altogether.
  • The 2005 hurricane season--the year of Katrina, Rita, and Wilma--presented a big problem because, in all too many cases, people who had purchased insurance found they weren’t nearly as well covered as they had thought. U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi has proposed an inexpensive and effective solution to the problem.
  • Economist Robert Higgs explains an important concept affecting debates about Fed policy: the difference between the monetary base and the money stock.
  • Illinois residents are concerned about the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s refusal to certify Mississippi River levees near East St. Louis.
  • If worries about a European “debt contagion” aren’t enough to keep Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke awake at night, he’s starting to worry about California and Illinois as well.
  • Paul Colbert has seen crippled people walk, the infirm ride horses, and blind men see again. He’s a detective and founder of Meridian Investigative Group, a corporation that specializes in investigating workers’ compensation fraud. Through his work, he has seen people walk with crutches one day and ride in a rodeo the next.

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