September 2011 - Health Care News

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September, 2011
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The September issue of Health Care News highlights Republican efforts, and Democrat resistance, to reform Medicaid. Also in this issue:

  • The Department of Health and Human Services, which has approved nearly 1,500 waivers from President Barack Obama’s health care law, has refused to issue waivers requested by Iowa and North Dakota.
  • Massachusetts has been using funds from the state’s uncompensated care pool to support massive overspending on Medicaid.
  • Missouri is helping to lead the way in choosing to delay implementation of Obamacare while lawsuits against the program remain in play.
  • More doctors are likely to go underpaid as private insurers emulate Medicare’s low reimbursement rates, which have created huge health care access problems.
  • Politicians in Canada have admitted VIPs got special treatment in the government-run health care system that’s supposed to be the same for everybody.
  • North Carolina lawmakers are pressing to have schools put children on strict diets during school hours and keep tabs on their body mass.
  • The FDA contends people have no right to buy unpasteurized milk.

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