Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

The Dying Fish with Cedric Keith

Cedric C. Keith’s “The Dying Fish: A Sojourn to the Source,” is a retelling of Keith’s 4,000-mile walk through the eastern wilderness prompted by his desire to save the Eastern Brook Trout.

Students Learn Climate Change Advocacy, Not Climate Science

For almost thirty years, I have taught climate science at three different universities.

Don't Tax Hampton Roads to Pay for Metro

Three cheers to the 11 Virginia General Assembly delegates who appropriately articulated to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority that the newly created “Metro Safety Commission should

The Truth About GMO Crops

Under the assumption that your table is set with genetically modified foods, what does that mean, and should you be concerned for your health?

Constitutional Sound Bites: Quick and Easy American History

Quick, pay attention - think you know all you should about America's founding?

Forcing Unrealistic Hikes Endangers Drivers, Zaps the Economy

In pursuit of his misguided climate obsession, President Barack Obama has opened yet another front in his continuing war against America's 260 million car owners.

Self-Determination and Individual Choice Post Brexit

The recent vote within the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union has once again implicitly raised the issue of the right of self-determination through secession.

The Biggest Impediment To Economic Advancement: Government

The U.S. economy continues its Barack Obama Administration-long hobbled limp.

El Niño, La Niña and Natural Gas

Death Valley, California, is known as “the hottest place on earth.” But, if you hear the 

Eternal Vigilance, The Price of Liberty

By Nancy Thorner and Bonnie O'Neil -