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Hillary’s Fingerprints Are All Over Common Core

So where does Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton stand on Common Core?

Ben Rhodes Spins Climate Change

“Climate refugee” claims reflect deliberate mendacity and belief that we and reporters are stupid

Oklahoma Medicaid 'Rebalancing' is Simply Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid expansion is an expensive endeavor that many critics believe does not provide better or more affordable health care.

Regulations Kill Economies – Obama’s Is the Regulation Administration

A recurring headline in the Age of President Barack Obama begins with things like “Obama Administration Issues New Rules…” and “Administration Targets…” and various variations on this theme.

Behold Senator John McCain’s Terrible Military Amendment

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain has over his decades in government built a reputation based largely on a few key tenets.

Obama Violates the Law to Push his Climate Obsession

Whether it’s gun control, health care reform, climate change, or a host of other issues, President Barack Obama does not follow the law if it conflicts with his policy preferences.

Goobris: Google Expecting Less Privacy Regulation than its Competitors

Why does the company that by far collects the most private information that the FCC claims it wants to protect, and that also has the worst consumer privacy protection 

Internet Power Point

A couple power points in the internet ecosystem were on display this week.

Government Spontaneously, Dramatically Changing the Rules is Terrible for Business

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “Certainty” as: “The quality or state of being certain especially on the ba

Single-Payer Health Care Is Not Right for Colorado or Any State

In November 2016, Colorado voters will decide on a new ballot measure, a state constitutional amendment that would create “ColoradoCare,” a new single-payer, government-run health care system in Co