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Many in Washington DC are Drowning in Lake Me

I’ve heard the following quote ascribed to National Basketball Association (NBA) player, coach and executive Pat Riley – but the Internet is not giving up the ghost on provenance to him or anyone e

Big Healthcare’s Latest Attack on Patient Freedom

Anything with “Big” in it means Big Money, whether it’s Big Pharma, Big Oil, or whatever.

“Green”—the Status Symbol the Affluent can Afford that Costs the Poor

Researchers have found that some buyers are willing to pay for environmentally friendly products because those products are “status symbols.” A report in the Atlantic 

Who Will Protect Parental Choice in Post-Scalia Era?

Over the past 25 years, parents and children have won many hard-fought battles for the right to choose the best schools, public or private, to meet their educational needs.

The FCC’s New Subtractive Privacy Policy

Less is not more. That’s real “common sense.”

Big Government Fuels Income Inequality

Political campaign years are filled with candidates’ promises to solve people’s problems.

RESULT Act Could Be Life-Saver for Americans

by Justin Haskins and Michael Hamilton

Government Flutters Its Wings – and Industries Nationwide Are Blown Away

A Leftist governmental principle is the Butterfly Effect: “A property of chaotic systems…by which sma

Both Parties are Fractured, but on Energy, Each is Unified

There is no shortage of news stories touting the splits within each party.

Google: When Something on the Internet is Free – You’re the Product

And that, in a nutshell, is the lion’s share of Google’s business model. And business – is booming.