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Single-Payer Health Care Is Not Right for Colorado or Any State

In November 2016, Colorado voters will decide on a new ballot measure, a state constitutional amendment that would create “ColoradoCare,” a new single-payer, government-run health care system in Co

Don’t Let FDA Kill Vaping

Legislators have long attempted to reduce the negative health impacts of smoking through taxes, bans, and regulations.

Oh Look – Three More Examples of Obama Administration Cronyism

President Barack Obama is a Cronyism Machine. No Administration in our history has done more to punish its enemies and reward its friends.

Celebrate Education Choice During National Charter Schools Week

The first week in May is National Charter Schools Week, a time to celebrate the advancements made in the charter school movement over the past 25 years.

Colorado Supreme Court Embraces the Rule of Law, not the Fear Mongering of the Anti-Fossil-Fuel Movement

On Monday, May 2 the Colorado Supreme Court ruled on what the New York Times (NYT) 

FDA Went Way Too Far on E-Cigarettes

The FDA wasn't wrong to regulate e-cigarettes.

We Don’t Need Billions to Prevent Zika

Controlling mosquitoes and preventing diseases requires smarter policies, not more billions by: Paul Driessen and Robert Novak

The Uncertain Future of Stephen Colbert, the CBS 'Superman' Who Bleeds

Drudge teased this headline for hours last week as "developing," then finally gave us a link to the New York Times: "

Review of F.H. Buckley’s The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America

The United States has lapsed into aristocracy, the New Class — the politically connected “enemies of promise” — standing in the way of the free market reforms that could make America the home of so