Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Do Parents Want Their Children on Uncle Shrink’s Couch?

Uncle Sam is becoming “Uncle Shrink” to millions of schoolchildren, including many preschoolers, who are now subject to various psychology-focused educational components that have been implanted in

Occupational Licensing Reform: Walk, Don't Run

In 1952, the Council of State Governments reported that less than 5 percent of U.S. workers were required to be licensed to legally perform their jobs. Economists Morris M. Kleiner and Alan B.

‘Put It On Their Tab’ – It’s Time to Cut Off Washington, D.C.

Everything in Washington, D.C. established to do X – ends up doing X, Y, Z, and triplets of every letter in the alphabet. This anti-federalism is fueled by several basic precepts.

Wilhelm Röpke: The Economist Who Stood Up To Hitler

Sometimes there are men of principle who live their values and not merely speak or write about them.

Search + Android + Chrome = Google’s Gatekeeper Inner-net Regime

Wake up world, you’ve been disintermediated. Google now essentially stands between you and most everyone and everything on the Internet.

Mr. President, You Owe America an Apology. We Did Drill Our Way to $2 Gas

“We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices,” President Obama told an audience four years ago at the University of Miami.

The New SAT: Common Core Sealant

National Common Core-aligned standardized tests for elementary and secondary schools are in the midst of a death spiral, despite the $360 million the Obama administration spent on the creation of t

What Road For America — Liberty Or Political Plunder?

Presidential election years, more than many others, focuses our attention on politics, those running for political office, and the promises the competing candidates make to sway our allegiance and

Apple (Private Sector) or the FBI (Government): Whom Do You Trust With Your Data?

Last week the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (i.e. the government) received a court order (i.e.