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School Choice Means Not Asking Politicians For Permission To Educate Your Child

Parents, students, educators, and pro-liberty activists across the nation will be celebrating National School Choice Week, which began on Sunday and will wrap up on January 30.

The Mystery of Prescription Drug Prices

How can it be that the same exact prescription drug can have such markedly different prices?

Electric Cars: Another Failed Obama Campaign Promise, and That’s a Good Thing

While campaigning in 2008, President Obama called for 1 million plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles

Renewable Energy’s Growth Threatens the Power Supply

Editor's note: This column was co-authored by Donn Dears (, a retired senior executive at General El

Dear Bernie: Oil Fuels Your Beloved Scandinavian Spending Spree

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has often talked about his desire for the United States to emulate the socialist welfare states of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden by providing 

'Tis the Season for Parents to Explore School Options

Exercising school choice is at or near the top of parental to-do lists as the new year starts rolling.

HillaryCare Terminates in Sanders’ Single-Payer Socialism

As the self-described socialist Bernie Sanders remains strong in his challenge to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sanders boasts

Taxed Enough Already (TEA): Let’s Not Find New and Exciting Ways to Tax the Internet

The federal government each year now takes from us record tallies of tax dollars.

After DC’s Snowmageddon – Some Things Should Stay Buried

Due to this weekend’s torrential winter downpour, we are currently in the midst of a federal government shutdown. Uh oh.