Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Why We Need the Legislature to Rein in CPS

Co-authored by Timothy Benson and Lennie Jarratt

Ted and Trump Take Different Tracks on Ethanol

Terry Branstad was first elected governor of Iowa in 1982. His six terms in office have made him the longest serving governor in American history and the most influential politician in the state.

Base Policies on Reality, Not Deceit

Dr. Bob Carter understood that climate frequently changes, and we must prepare to adapt.

Common Core: A Fiasco for the Next Generation

Co-authored by Nancy Thorner and Bonnie O'Neil - 

PUC Out of Line in NV Energy's Dispute with Casinos

Nevada's public utilities watchdog appears to be refereeing the impasse between Warren Buffett-owned NV Energy and several Nevada casinos with the expertise and objectivity of a professional wrestl

How 'Freedom Frackers' are Liberating Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for its vast reserves of oil.

Why Zero Rating & Flexible Pricing Options Are Just & Reasonable to FCC

Always be careful what you ask for, because you might get it.

Tax Burdens From Renewable Energy Sources are Large

The Department of Energy announced state revenue from severance taxes dropped as the price of crude oil falls below $30

You Want to be Pro-Environment? You Want Less Government Everywhere

It should not come as a galloping shock to…well, most of the planet – that American farms are a bit more sophisticated and technologically advanced than…well, most of the planet.

Alleged ‘Consumer Groups’ Oppose Consumers Getting Stuff from Anyone but Government

One thing at which the Left is very good is naming things – so as to hide and obfuscate what these things actually do.