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Ride-Sharing Saves Time, Money, and Lives

After months of delays, the office of New York City mayor Bill de Blasio released a long-awaited "impact study" examining the effect of Uber — a popular "peer-to-peer economy" business connecting d

The Follies and Fallacies of Keynesian Economics

Eighty years go, on February 4, 1936, one of the most influential books of the last one hundred years was published, British economist, John Maynard Keynes’s The General Theory of Employme

What Passes for Anti-School Choice Rhetoric is Frightening

The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss has inadvertently done the country an invaluable service by allowing the rest of us to travel through the looking-glass into a universe where thi

Tax Oil to Subsidize Wind?

If you want more of something, mandate it, subsidize it and exempt it from regulations. If you want less of something, punish it with taxes and regulations.

Millennials Are Well-Meaning but Misguided on Energy Policy

A recent USA Today/Rock the Vote survey of millennials shows 

Campaign 2016: Nobody Cares About Climate Change

Frustrated that nobody seems to care about climate change, “the country’s biggest individual political donor during the 2014 election cycle,” has pledged even more in 2016.

The Politics Behind the Anti-Fossil Fuels Campaign

History shows Earth’s climate goes through cycles, long and short, tied to a variety of natural factors.

Honest School Information Crucial for School Choice

Supporters of education reform who advocate for government-funded choice mechanisms, such as vouchers, tend to argue the problems in K–12 schools in the United States are primarily economic matters

Obama Continues to Impede Domestic Energy Production

With less than a year left in office, President Barack Obama is upping the pressure on America’s fossil fuel industries with a slew of new regulations and tax proposals.