Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Repeal Jones Act Before Exporting Oil

For the past 40 years, in response to the OPEC embargo of 1973, crude petroleum exports from the U.S. have been severely restricted.

A Key Ingredient in the Left's Wins: Persistence

In the late, great Harold Ramis’ cinematic classic “Animal House,” perpetual Faber College studen

The Other Side of the Global Warming Story

[This article was originally published in the Alumni magazine of the Hotchkiss School]

Time Magazine Gets it Wrong on the Suburbs

Time Magazine's Sam Frizell imagines that the American Dream has changed, in an article entitled "The New American Dream is Living in a Ci

Should California Dictate US Energy Policies?

California loves to be seen as the trendsetter on energy and environmental policies. But can we really afford to adopt their laws and regulations in the rest of America?

The Least Efficient Part of Government

Spectrum management is the least efficient part of the federal government.

Common Core and Communism

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth,” said Vladimir Lenin who led the revolution that imposed Communism on Russia.

The FCC Disincentive Auction

The Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming “incentive” auction of TV airwaves is already at war with itself.

It's Hard Being a Black Conservative

“We’re not being governed. We’re being ruled by incompetence.”