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How to Give Kids an Olympics-Worthy Education

Did you know a few simple new laws could help every U.S. kid access the same kind of education available to young Olympic athletes?

Obama Wants to Waste a Billion on Climate Change

Barack Obama will be remembered for many things during his two terms in office, but high on the list, right after lying to everyone about everything, will be his determination to waste billions of

The Other Union Ruining Schools

David Horowitz has a new campaign in whi

Government Broadband Overbuilds Are Anti-competitive

Governments do not “compete” with companies. Governments tax, limit, police and judge companies.

A Brutal Chicago Winter, Global Warming, and Just Weather

I moved to Chicago in 2010 after five years of living in perfect Pasadena, California — where I looked at the sun setting on the beautiful San Gabriel Mountians every day during

Carbon Benefits Exceed Costs by up to 500:1

[Ed: Dr. Roger Bezdek is the co-author of this post.] 

Before Modern Collectivism: The Rise and Fall of Classical Liberalism

[NOTE: I delievered this speech at the Hungry Minds Discussion Club in Denver, Colorado, February 8, 2014.]

Want A Government Official To Change His Mind? Hire Him!

As President Obama’s Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar was charged with being one of the biggest defenders of the Obama agenda on energy and environmental issues – among them, running interference on

There is No Global Warming and Will Be None for Decades

I recently received an unsigned email about my Sierra Club commentary in which I pointed out th

What The Washington Post’s Factchecker Gets Wrong About Obamacare

If you set yourself up as the arbiter of all that is factual in the nation, you’d better keep your own facts straight.