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Want A Government Official To Change His Mind? Hire Him!

As President Obama’s Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar was charged with being one of the biggest defenders of the Obama agenda on energy and environmental issues – among them, running interference on

There is No Global Warming and Will Be None for Decades

I recently received an unsigned email about my Sierra Club commentary in which I pointed out th

What The Washington Post’s Factchecker Gets Wrong About Obamacare

If you set yourself up as the arbiter of all that is factual in the nation, you’d better keep your own facts straight.

Undercover Environmentalists Invade Science Conference

The annual convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) started today in Chicago and runs through February 17.

A Broadband System Upgrade

As has been widely reported today, Comcast has pro

Is the Common Core Evaluation a Dog and Pony Show?

Indiana leaders are using words that conflict with their actions regarding the national K–12 curriculum and testing mandates known as Common Core.

Yearly Climate Spending 10x More Than UN Estimate for Ending World Hunger

The United Nations estimates it would cost $30 billion a year to end world hunger.

The Paradox of America’s Energy Renaissance

Today’s unconventional crude oil and natural gas basins such as the Marcellus, the 

The Ignorance and Hypocrisy Behind Oil Export Bans

US oil and gas production was already declining, when the 1973 Arab oil embargo sent oil and gasoline prices skyrocketing